Turning Grey
Sometimes it feels like it was only yesterday
Skipping out of school on the hottest summer days
Standing on a ledge down at the old Saint Mary's bridge
I wouldn't jump so you pushed me in

You used to do anything if I dared you once
I was right behind you if it looked like fun
A hundred miles an hour down the wrong way
I remember you would say
If you're not on the edge you're just taking up space

So I'll be waiting for ya
Right there on the corner
Holding my old suitcase
Until you realize
All the black and white
Is turning grey
Tomorrow might be too late

We were going to leave this town and see the world
A six pack and a half a tank of gas in your Thunderbird
That we traded off for a family car we still don't own
And a one week trip to Mexico


Somewhere between then and now we got caught
Living in a house that looks like every other one on our block
You wake up so early to go and work another forty hour week
Just to pay taxes and watch TV