This House
I live here in my own place
Broken glass on the staircase
And I'm in bare feet
There's ghosts in every closet
You might think this house is haunted
But they're like old friends to me

It's a crying shame how
I let it all fall apart
I'd like to fix it up
But I wouldn't know where to start

It's too far, too far gone
To cover up with paint
It's too far, too far gone
The whole thing should be replaced
I could light a match
Watch the flames take it down
But I'd be stuck inside this house
With no way out

I've got bread crumbs in the bed sheets
Cobwebs on the loveseat
Static coming from the TV
There's boxes up in the attic
Full of secrets and old habits
The mice have been running free

To tell the truth now
It would sound like a lie
I could tell the truth
But it would probably take all night