The Fall
February days
Bringing on the grey
Another year has gone
Now all I see is rain
But as far as I can tell
Tomorrow's gonna to come
The sun is going to shine once more
Just like it's always done

The war was fought and lost
There’s nothing left to win
Everybody does what they swore they'd never do again
These promises I've made, I don't intend to keep
Truth is just a word
and one word
could mean so many things

So would you drive a little slower
Cause dying young don't beat getting older
Wise men, you were right after all
But it's hard when we're going down
To stop the fall

The intensity of love
How it's never quite enough
Anything that's wound too tight
Is bound to come undone
There's no need to get upset
Anger is not real
It's easy to deny
What hurts too much to feel

You and I we're free
But time cannot be bought
Like the ice up in the north
It's going faster than we thought
So I'm sitting on the steps
Soaked right to the skin
With nothing to regret
and no more ways
to start again