Seven Hundred Miles
You put on quite the act
You're Johnny Walker Black
It's not like it's the first time
You've been in this kind of place
But I must have walked the walk
We've hardly even talked
It's not hard to figure out
What’s written on your face
Why am I sitting in your car
right out side the bar
You look at me Oh Hey baby can you
Take me far away

But I remember
Feeling younger
I remember dreams of tire swings
And ice tea on a summer day
The sun beating down
Didn't burn me like now
How did it end?
The answers seven hundred miles away

No you shouldn't call
I won't be feeling much at all
I don't mind in two days time
If you forget my name
It's like shooting in the dark
You're bound to miss your mark
It's not like we'll be losing out
I wasn't gambling anyway