Prairie Song
There's a bible belt
It's wrapped around
That Southern Alberta farming town
But you wouldn't go there
Unless of course you were born there

My great grandfather built
The old house where I use to live
That row of poplar trees
Him and Grandma planted back in 1920

The whole world stopped where the mountains began
What's past there
Don't know, I've never been
From where the sun falls down from the prairie sky
Dust dances in the northern lights
And the coyotes howl at the moon all night

Mother Nature thaw these frozen hands
There's nothing easy about living off the land
You could say it's cold
But how do you describe forty below

To a dark haired boy down on Granville Street
When you look out east all your going to see are fields of rolling wheat
Where did the Indians go?
Oh I think they just disappear like buffalo