Sitting on the front step of your one room flat
Nobody moves, it's too hot for that
It's too hot today to save the world
And we laid out in the tall grass without getting burned

Talking politics and corporations
When Jerry Garcia came on the radio station
We turned it up and sang along
And wondered where the years went since he's been gone

There's no rain today
It's just blue, blue skies
Time was a white cloud
That passed on by
The yellow sun
It was shining down
Turning the skin brown
On my hand that you were holding
I saw you golden

Sometime later on when it cools off
We'll go buy more beer at the corner store down the block
Take the long way coming back
Moving slowly barefoot down the warm sidewalk


We never tell each other all our secrets
But I've got enough good stuff to keep me dreaming
To keep me warm when winter is here
Oh baby, baby
I'll see you next year